Журнал Академии бухгалтерского учета и финансовых исследований


Объем 27, Проблема 4 (2023)

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The effect of IFRS adoption on information overload: Evidence from Egyptian Firms

  • Salma Samir, Medhat Abdel Rasheed, Eman Abdel Wanis

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LSDVC Estimation of the Interaction Effect of Exchange Rate and Trade Openness on Fiscal Discipline: Dynamic Panel Models

  • Mahmoud Abdelrehim, Mohamed Hisham Dato Haji Yahya

исследовательская статья

Capital Structure, Audit Firm size, and Earnings Management: Evidence from Palestinian Listed Companies

  • Hind Muhtaseb, Veronica Paz, Geoffrey Tickell, Mukesh Chaudhry

исследовательская статья

The Effect of Accounting Conservatism on Firm Characteristics: An Applied study on the Egyptian Listed Companies After Arabic Spring Revolution

  • Mohamed Abd EL-Fattah, Amr Yousef, Ahmed Sakr, Karim Elfaham